A rule-communicating puzzle game about grids and symbols.

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Click/drag tiles to toggle. Space to submit. Right-click tiles to lock. A/D/Left/Right to navigate. Hover over buttons to see keyboard shortcuts.

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Also playable full-window at https://gridspech.baublejar.com! (Also recommended for mobile)

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, Abstract, Minimalist, Singleplayer, the-witness, witness
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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I'm having a difficult time understanding the mechanic in row g. could you maybe explain how that one works?


Cool game! I'm not sure if you still need them, but here are my (supposedly) novel solutions for E12 and G12.

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Thanks! E12 that's definitely the right solution, I'll look into it. And G12 has definitely been biting me with novel solution reports these days.


Love, love, love this game.

One issue I found: the board can only be reset if you have added a green square. I found myself on many level trying to trace out the "empty" path first using the right-click function, and then wanting to erase the board found that the reset button wasn't available until I actually left-clicked a square. Then in the I levels, I realized that pink squares don't trigger the reset button either, there has to be a green square present for it to be available.


Thanks for the report!


Here are my playthrough videos.

Nice puzzles! I enjoyed the logical solution on some levels.

H and I are very challenging to solve with a single panel. I wanted cloning panels around the main panel.

Thanks for playing! I appreciated your old playthrough of Gridspech when it was very early in development, and I'm looking forward to watching this new one!


novel solution for I8

and with that level I completed them all, great game!

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Woah... nice catch. This is decently different from the intended solution, i'll have to update this for the next version. Thanks!

so I went and solved the updated level
I'm leaving here the intended solution, just for comparison
nice one!


When are the walkthroughs on YouTube?


Just solved all puzzles, really enjoyable game! The rule set is creative, and the puzzles are brilliant for showcasing the rules and how the rules can interact with each other.

I always find the concept of witness-like to be interesting, but I also find myself not enjoying some of the witness-like games. After reading your puzzle design thoughts post, it became clear that I like games that are more communicative when it comes to teaching rules, and more deductive when it comes to puzzles. That's why I like Taiji but can't get into Insight.

I think you did exactly what you set out to do as mentioned in your post. I can often deduce a lot about a puzzle, what you call "deductive anchors", and from there I can see the solution intuitively. I still don't feel like I have good intuition, but I did it in the end.

I liked most of the puzzles, and the bonus puzzles in section H and I are my favourites. They can be very hard and unintuitive, and some took me over an hour to solve, but I'm surprised by how much I can deduce without excessive trial-and-error. F9 is the puzzle that I struggled the most with, I relied mostly on trial-and-error on that one.

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Thanks for the positive feedback! It's great to hear that my puzzle approach resonates with a player.

F9 is definitely one of the most open-ended puzzles and I am occasionally thinking of toning it down.

Lots of the puzzles, like B6 / B8 / B9, are much more fun with the new right-click. Feels more like a pencil puzzle, with less trial-and-error. And better than Taiji's sparkly middle-click.

But some puzzles, like B7, seem to still need trial-and-error, which is disappointing. Is there a way to solve that one logically? (In fairness, B7 is pretty small.)

I'm stopping at D9 for now, that one seems very tough.

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B7 does have a logical starting point IMO. Though bifurcation does follow, like you said, the grid is small enough that I don't think it should be a pain.

To be clear, levels still range between pure logic and intuitive experimentation, but yeah I totally get that some players are more interested in the former


F4 was tough, I purely used trial-and-error.

F5 was super fun, one of my favorites. I basically used only 1 bifurcation.

G7 is great.

The entire H series is amazing!

Very fun! Section H was a blast and Section I was brutal.

I also apparently found a "novel solution".

G11: https://imgur.com/a/tAZNBAM

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. I've actually been thinking abt replacing that puzzle so I guess everything's falling into place.

I do agree that it annoys me that I can't interact with stuff right after an error. It might have some anti-brute-force usage but I think I'm more annoyed with it there than not.

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Novel solutions:

 * F12: https://imgur.com/a/gtKGbnT

 * H10: https://imgur.com/a/EfwnxRZ

I enjoyed the game a lot! Reminds me of some puzzles from Cracking the Cryptic (snakes, lights, galaxies). This game is kind of in the middle between CtC and The Witness for me. CtC is all about making a sequence of logically sound deductions, aided by the UI that lets you place various markers on the board; Witness is more just yoloing some guesses and getting a feel for what is likely to work, because you can only hold so many deductions in your head without resorting to pen and paper. Gridspech is a bit of both.

Minor UI feedback:

 * For the three-color puzzles I wish there was a way to label a cell as uncertain between two colors, i.e. "not green", "not purple", or "not blank". No idea how to make a good UI for it though. (Middle click to toggle between e.g. "green" and "not green"? Sounds cumbersome, and doesn't generalize to more colors. Something like Cracking the Cryptic's keyboard controls for colors? Ugh.)

 * Undo. I wanted it for bifurcations occasionally, but not too badly.

 * Sometimes it's mildly annoying that you can't interact with the grid for ~2 seconds after submitting an incorrect solution. I wish clicking the grid would interrupt the animation, or maybe allow toggling the cells during the animation (but then it might be a little confusing if the symbols keep flashing based on the previous state of the board, not the currently shown state). Useful when "submitting" just to see which symbols flash, either for experiments when exploring a new mechanic or for sanity-checks on a partial solution.

 * Clicking in the narrow empty space between cells toggles the cell below or to the right, rather than the closest cell.

I'm very proud to report that the novel solutions are only minor variations of the intended ones! Design is hard, so it's a win in my book...

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback.

D7 novel solution: https://i.imgur.com/sid6qIv.png


Novel solution for E12.

Whoops. Thanks, will fix soon.


I found TWO similar novel solutions to C11, where you blacken the entire 2nd row (the one with the king).

Oh yeah, I see it. Thanks for continuing to playtest.


Not sure what the intended solution is, but the new C11 told me I had a novel solution: https://imgur.com/a/CXBqeyz

Nice find!


The new new C11 also has a novel solution... this one is pretty interesting though, so I think it's fine. It has an isolated black square in the upper-right corner and the rest is 2 intertwining paths.


New solution for B13: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Huwl4urmfH7_m25AZN3jWzC8zEV1IL5u/view?usp=shari...

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Great game. Some novel solutions:

B15: https://imgur.com/a/6hcIYYj

C12: https://imgur.com/a/x6eG5Ba

C15: https://imgur.com/a/vew5QXz

C16: https://imgur.com/a/rIU47Fg

D6: https://imgur.com/a/W9oZcqs

D11: https://imgur.com/a/8rDuNdO

D12: https://imgur.com/a/BDhOayd

Much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the game.


Awesome game! Very similar to a puzzle game I made for a game jam last year, except way better and more polished.

I found a novel solution to B9: https://imgur.com/a/YogQnYl

I finally finished all the levels. Found another novel solution (D6) https://imgur.com/a/nF26BNd

Got to C and so far, this reminds me a lot more of Nurikabe and a few other shading puzzles, than Picross. I associate Picross with numbers, mainly.


Finished! Enjoyed it so far. Found myself wanting the ability to differentiate between a tile that's blank because it's the default state, and blank because I've deduced it should be blank in the solution(s), mostly in the later B levels.

Alternate solutions for B4 and D7: https://imgur.com/a/3JbCg4a


Looks interesting so far! I think these mechanics are really neat, and can lead to some deep puzzles. Some thoughts on the sets:

A: I got stuck on level 4 here. I think the idea that it communicates probably could've been done better with either a smaller setup, or more reinforcement of the general idea beforehand.

B: Level 2 might not be the best way to teach that concept? It seems like a weird way to introduce it. 

C: The crown symbol tutorial was a bit too easy to misinterpret, because the only real 'communication' of the concept seems to be in the first level. I'd recommend adding some more tutorial levels that more directly hint at the concept. (For instance, in the first one, it might be good to put the crown on one side rather than in the center.) Also, it seems that there's an extra condition on crowns that doesn't appear anywhere in the introductory levels here? In D7, this solution doesn't work, and I'm not sure why: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526649761105969153/746561581290094682/f892d376be.png

D: This mechanic is pretty simple by itself, but the way it combines with others is cool. Love how it introduces an asymmetry - puzzles 4 and 5 show that off nicely.

Oh, and it would be nice to have solved puzzles marked, and have a way to go to the next/previous puzzle without having to go back to the list again.

The game asked me to send screenshots of some solutions, so:

B5: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526649761105969153/746557126066831420/b1430576f9.png

C8: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526649761105969153/746560047848620112/ae5366de68.png

D7: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526649761105969153/746559447052058645/45837d8758.png

Thanks for your feedback! The game definitely has a long way to go so I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Your proposed D7 solution definitely doesn't work, though that may be a fault of me not communicating some rules well enough.